• 29/05/2018

    Cannon is taking part in Utech Europe 2018

Cannon Stand Utech

Cannon is taking part in Utech Europe 2018, a three-day exhibition and conference for the global polyurethanes industry.

The Cannon Group will exhibit at Utech Europe 2018 (MECC, Maastricht, Netherlands) from 29th till 31st May, the leading international event for the global polyurethanes industry.

In this occasion, Cannon will share with the visitors the technological developments in the Polyurethanes and Composites field, as Cannon’s AX 22 6+1 Mixing Head, specifically designed for the production of modern automotive seating, that has received in April 2018 the Toyota Boshoku prize, ‘Technology & Development Award’.

At Utech Conference, Cannon will also present two technical papers:

“New Generation Multi-Component EasyFroth and Mixing Heads with Direct Injection for HFO’s” presented by Marco Callari – Day 2, 16:45, Euro Room: ‘In 2007, the Parties to the Montreal Protocol agreed to accelerate the phase-out of HCFCs. Taking 2009-2010 usage as a baseline value, the control steps require the 35% reduction by 2020, and the total elimination by 2030. The PU industry is moving towards the usage of tailor made BAs for each kind of different application. A detail-oriented approach is essential to guarantee the effective operability of the plants. The projects present a wide variety of case histories, from the modification of a small part of the production line to the total replacement of the original equipment. The scenarios may include either the usage of pre-blended polyol formulations, or premix the Polyol with the blowing agent upstream the dosing unit day tank, or the direct injection of the blowing agent directly to the mixing head. The Cannon solutions in terms of blowing agent incorporation and mixing heads have become completely configurable and customizable for the widest range of requirements, providing the capability to process either any BA or a combination of multiple components’.

“JetPreg, the Innovative Cannon Spray-on-Honeycomb Solution for Lightweight Automotive Components” presented by Alessandro Colella – Day 3, 11:00 Florin Room: ‘The Cannon group has been developing Polyurethane Processing Technologies worldwide for more than 50 years. In doing this, Cannon is well aware of the so-called mega-trends and main market needs. The Cannon enhanced spray technology named JetPreg is a remarkable example of how the conventional spray process related to the manufacturing of light-weight semi-structural parts has been significantly improved. Combining conventional materials – honeycomb cardboard and glass fibre mats – with innovative Cannon equipment and plant layouts, it is possible to increase the overall productivity saving space, energy and material consumptions without compromising on the quality of the final parts’.

Come to visit Cannon at booth #618!

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