Cannon Afros Gasketing Technology is a micro-pouring process dedicated to the fully automatic production of Foamed In Place (FIP) gaskets.

The main markets for gasketing technology are the car industry, the electrical and electronic industry and the lightning industry.
Cannon Afros automatic gasketing plants give consistent and high quality parts, reduction of overall part costs, maximum flexibility in process and unbeatable advantages when frequent production changes are required. Different chemicals and formulations can be processed by Cannon Gasketing plants, even on shot to shot basis: from tixotropic to low-viscosity chemicals, from polyurethanes to silicone-based formulations.

Cannon Afros Gluing Technology is a micro-pouring process dedicated to the fully automatic deposition of bi-componet glues. 
Together with the car industry, the first large market in which innumerable industrial gluing applications have been developed, the electrical/electronics components and technical lighting sectors can be considered the main users of automatic pouring plants for glues.

The electrical, automotive, appliance, filter and packaging industries are some of the most important users of cast foaming processes where micro-shots with very low outputs are required.

Cannon Afros has designed a metering system dedicated to the encapsulation and insulation of electric and electronic components. A remarkable advantage of this machine is its flexibility of use: in addition to the common polyurethane formulations, it can also process epoxy resins.