Cannon Afros continuous laminator are the best solution for mass production: sandwich insulated panels can be produced with a maximum thickness of 250 mm and either flexible (paper, cardboard and felt, centesimal aluminium sheet, etc.) or rigid facing (metal sheet, GRP, etc.) and using different types of insulating materials: polyurethanes, PIR, phenolic resins, mineral wools. Discontinuous processes are preferred for small orders, customized shapes, very thick panels and when it is also necessary to include moulding frames and camlock fixings in the foams.

In this field, Cannon Afros has consolidated twenty years of technological manufacturer of hydraulic presses, offering complete packages for open-mould and close-mould foaming processes: 

  • book-opening presses
  • single multi-daylight presses
  • multi-daylight presses
  • tilting systems