Cavity Filling


Automotive cavity filling applications are on the rise. During the last few years, more auto makers decided to inject semi-flexible Polyurethane foam into the body cavities of many models to obtain better sound insulation for their vehicle's interiors.To answer the needs of this specific sector, Cannon Afros has developed specialized metering and mixing equipment suited for worldwide use. 

A conventional 2:1 ratio foam was quite common among various chemical suppliers, while a special 24:1 ratio formulation had been developed by Dow to provide not only sound deadening benefits but had additional features such as resistance to corrosion from moisture. Since the Cannon machine was designed as a variable ratio machine, it can run either formulation with ease.  

The Cannon Afros mixing head performs very well with all types of chemical systems used in this sector and works well either mounted on a robot in a highly automated environment, or in a more manual application. Millions of cavities have been injected so far and the trend is on the rise. Since auto makers are realizing the advantages of a foam system that insulates the passenger compartment from engine and road noises, they are employing this solution over a wider range of models. 

A newly designed Cannon Afros mixing head, the LN series, is now available to satisfy their needs for compactness, foam quality, ease of use and long lasting operation in critical manufacturing environments such as a continuously-running assembly line.