After Sales Assistance Technical 
Consultancy - Cannon team of specialists based in numerous subsidiaries and agencies throughout the world, as well as our headquarter in Italy, provide immediate assistance with expert and dedicated consultancy for all processing, technical and technological aspects.

Direct Line Service - An effective telephone diagnosis service also provides quick assistance in the event of minor production problems. Up-to-date communication technology assists the service technicians in getting to wherever they are needed by the fastest route.

Machinery Retrofitting - 
Keep your dosing machines ready for new applications choosing the right retrofitting package together with our specialist, upgrading your system with state-of-the-art control technology, adding new mixing heads, applying a different pouring technique. 

Spare Parts
Warehouse capacity, the high flexibility of Cannon manufacturing locations and the intensive local logistics network ensure 24 hour shipping of available parts. The after sales team is also available to offer customized part packages that allow customers to stock minimal quantities of key components that will help avoid unnecessary downtime. In order to effectively facilitate spare part ordering, customer can refer to Cannon local subsidiaries or representatives, or directly contacting the after sales team. With a global network of after sales and service operations, Cannon offers a useful and well-appreciated "plus", such as: prompt local service and spare parts availability, laboratory usage for machine evaluation and trials, technical advice and consultancy, remote service connection, direct help-line assistance, periodical training courses.