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With a global network of after sales and service operations, Cannon offers a useful and well-appreciated "plus", such as: prompt local service and spare parts availability, laboratory usage for machine evaluation and trials, technical advice and consultancy, remote service connection, direct help-line assistance, periodical training courses.


Comprehensive training of personnel is important to ensure optimum utilization of your metering and mixing equipment. Cannon offers training sessions in small groups for your technicians and operators.
The Cannon trainers have excellent technical expertise and long-standing experience. Participants can consolidate or refresh their basic theoretical knowledge of technical functions and process management and can stay updated and know more about latest market trends, processing techniques, new developments in dosing and mixing systems. 
Better skills means quicker and more accurate setups, higher performances and less scraps and downtime. Well trained staff means preventive maintenance, extended machinery life and advanced troubleshooting skills.

Laboratory Trials
Cannon ’s market leadership and success, with more than 12,000 metering units installed in the world and over 350 patented solutions, are the results of a constant and advanced R&D commitment towards continuous technological improvements. 

Five percent of the total Cannon’s turnover is allocated to R&D.