If you are in or you are looking for a market niche, talk to Cannon! Cannon has engineered and supplied dedicated mixing heads and dosing equipments for very special applications, processing a range of chemical systems such as polyurethane, elastomers, silicons, epoxy resins, phenolic foams, etc. Here you can find just some examples.


Elastomer Casting Units - The right machines for the production of "technical articles": for instance skateboard wheels, rolls, shock absorbers. Components are dosed at low or high temperatures. A good and precise temperature control system equips these machines. The metering group is also supplied with a pre-heating and degassing unit and it is also complete with heating unit for water/oil temperature control.
Silicone Units - Generally used for the production of technical articles (i.e. rolls and rollers for paper mills, printers and bending machines) and soundproofing insulation. Chemicals can have high viscosity, therefore pressurised tanks, frequency controls on all the motors and special flexible pipes improving the silicone flowability are required.
Epoxy Resin Units for Composite Materials - Cannon delivers machines for epoxy infusion or injection. In the growing market of renewable energies, epoxy infusion is used for manufacturing wind blades. Very lightweight but stiff composite materials are produced by RTM (resin transfer moulding) technology: closed mould injection of epoxy resin over a layer of glass or carbon fiber. Cannon name for RTM is ESTRIM: epoxy  structural reaction injection moulding. Cannon is a worldwide supplier of "turn key" solutions for ESTRIM technology.
Spray and Lay Down - Dedicated solutions for spraying or lay down liquids in difficult processing conditions, such as heavily filled chemicals, unbalanced ratios, high temperatures: Cannon technologies are widely used in many applications, such as heavy layer production for automotive sound insulation, gluing of reinforcements on various surfaces (even in continuous process), pipe insulation and others.