General Purpose Units

For general purpose applications Cannon basically produce the "B-System" series. These units are characterized by submerged pumps in the component tanks. This is the right solution to avoid problems of potential leakages from the pump seals, reducing maintenance and environmental impact. 

As a result of the compact, rational and well-designed machine, tanks, dosing group, head boom and control panel are placed on a single frame, while the open structure allows excellent accessibility to all the parts for easy maintenance and cleaning operations.
 Cannon has selected the world’s best-known suppliers, to guarantee that the most important parts - control systems and electronics instruments, mechanical and hydraulic devices - are reliable and readily replaceable.

The “B-System” models are easily transported, requires less room for installation but above all necessitates no accessory wiring: in other words it can be considered a “Plug & Play” unit, immediately ready for production start-up!

B-system cannon