Cannon Micro shot

 Cannon Micro Shots

Micro Shot Units

Micro-shots at very low outputs are mostly required by automotive, electrical, appliance, filter and packaging industries.
Examples of applications are: filters for automotive and conditioning/ventilation systems, gaskets and sealants, insulation of small cavity parts, panel insulation for building, gaskets for automotive windows, industrial and street lamps, cooking plates and sinks, wire encapsulation and electronic device insulation.
Cannon engineered dedicated mixing heads and low output dosing equipments able to process polyurethane, epoxy resins, silicones and bi-component glues.

Gasketing and Gluing Systems - Cannon supplies complete production systems based on low pressure technology both for the automatic manufacturing of foamed gaskets and for the automatic deposition of bi-component glues. In order to achieve a very accurate gasket and glue lay-down, allowing high repeatability and consistency in the process and meeting the relevant quality standards, the foaming phase is robotically assisted.
Potting Systems - It is the encapsulation of electrical devices and components (printed circuit boards, wires, capacitors, connectors, etc.) in order to provide a complete insulation and protection. Cannon have developed dedicated low pressure dosing units to process polyurethane or epoxy resin.

Cannon offer integrated solutions and complete "turn-key" systems including metering machines with a pouring capacity from 0,2 up to 30 g/s, together with automated systems to move the mixing head and load/unload the manufactured products.