Cannon PentaTwin2

A-System Penta Twin

The strong international focus that has been placed on greenhouse gases and gases which are hostile to the ozone layer, has led Cannon to deep and strong efforts in R&D projects for the development of efficient and environmentally friendly foaming processes. Since the beginning of Nineties, Cannon have started to evaluate the possibility to substitute the traditional blowing agents used to produce foams for other alternatives such as hydrocarbons.

Today, Cannon can be rightly considered the largest supplier of foaming equipment for hydrocarbons-blown foams all over the world, with a wide range of available metering systems dedicated to this particular process.

The "A-System Penta Twin” is the high pressure metering machine designed for the safe use of flammable blowing agents, such as Cyclopentane, Isobutane, etc.. Submitted to a complete and accurate risk analysis, hydrocarbons-blown systems can be considered safe and pose no danger to the operators involved in the process or to the environment.

The fully open structure of the machine allows ease of access from any side, simplifying and facilitating any required maintenance works. Furthermore, thanks to its intrinsic modularity, the “A-System Penta Twin” series is the ideal solution for the replacement of existing foaming production unit based on CFC’s with hydrocarbons.