cannon eco cleaning

Cleaning Units

Cannon has developed dedicated washing systems for low pressure mixing heads, with very little environmental impact.

Cannon Water Wash has been specifically designed for processes using formulations with low viscosity and reactivity (e.g. rigid low-density polyurethane foams). This system performs a mechanical water cleaning that is continuously recycled close to the mixing head with a temperature of about 75-80 °C, optimising the washing efficiency.

Cannon EcoCleaner represents the right solution for medium-high viscosities (integral, micro-cellular foams and particularly reactive flexible foams). This washing unit allows the use of "ecological" chemical solvents, i.e. chloride free cleaners. The well-tested efficiency of this device shows that cleaning does not need to be frequently made. The solvent re-circulation system allows the detergent to be used for several cycles, until its cleaning power is exhausted. Moreover, the final washing waste is generally not a toxic one and, in some cases, it can be considered as a common industrial waste.