• International Auto Composites Forum&Exhibition

Cannon at International Auto Composites Forum & Exhibition - Shanghai 2012

  • Tue Nov 06 16:47:00 CET 2012

    Cannon Composites Technology

    Integrated high productivity solutions: R&D, Competence, Flexibility

  • Sun Nov 04 14:31:00 CET 2012

    Cannon Vacuum-Assisted Injection

    Vacuum-Assisted Injection technology for refrigerators production provides cost-effective eco-design and superior energy saving. The successful use of vacuum-assisted injection immediately stimulated the idea to extend this technology to other application fields, beginning with the production of refrigerators and freezers.

  • Sat Nov 03 15:22:00 CET 2012

    Cannon, a tale to tell...

    From 1956  to 2012. Developments in Processing Equipment and Techniques.