Wind Power

The rising need for clean energy, obtained from renewable sources, propelled the power industry – in the past three years more than ever – towards wind generators. The business for the production, installation and management of wind turbines is booming, and proper solutions are required to optimise all phases of this technology.
Cannon Afros is involved in this new business, with innovative and industry-proven solutions, touching sensitive areas such as the production of wind blades. The giant blades that catch the wind and propel the electric generators are built with a combination of technologies, mainly by impregnating light mats of glass fiber with bicomponent resins, commonly liquid Polyesters and Epoxies.

Basically, it is important to consider that the realization of a single blade requires the use of significant quantities of Epoxy resins with a relevant quite long infusion process. For this specific and high technological niche, Cannon Afros has engineered a new and dedicated range of low pressure metering machines: the series DX. These units constitute the “technological core” around which the Epoxy infusion equipment is implemented.