Thermal Insulation

Cannon Afros provides the building and construction industry with a wide range of proven and technologically advanced solutions for the production of sandwich insulated panels and insulated pipes, using both discontinuous or continuous foaming systems.

Structural polyurethane foam core insulated panels with external rigid or flexible facing can be part of the building structure. These panels improve the look and utility of the building as well as its construction speed-up and reduce the amount of expensive wood necessary for structural frames, saving time and energy and protecting natural resources as well.

About insulated pipes, they are commonly used for chemical plant construction, district heating and oil and gas pipelines, where hot or cold liquids are being carried through, because they minimize the exchange of heat within the pipe and surrounding environment. Polyurethane insulation is is quite at home in building and construction around the world, yielding high performance and exceptional energy efficiency in a wide range of applications.