Refrigerator Industry

One of the most widely used techniques for maintaining the quality of perishable goods while extending its storage life, is refrigeration or freezing. In this way perishable goods and, more in general, temperature-sensitive products are kept at a proper temperature, preserving their properties and quality.

Cannon offer the refrigeration industry reliable and advanced production systems, in which it can be easily recognized the strength of a real worldwide solution provider Group, able to develop complete synergic and integrated plants getting the best of its wide range of technologies: polyurethanes foaming, thermoplastic sheet thermoforming, mould and tools making, design and prototyping.

Rigid polyurethane foam has one of the lowest thermal conductivity ratings against any other insulating materials. It allows efficient heat retention or, alternatively, maintenance of a refrigerated or frozen environment. It is also a versatile product characterized by a light weight, which provides structural strength and gives the manufacturer design freedom, being suitable for an extensive range of thermal insulation applications.